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Victoria Arduino

Eagle One Prima

Eagle One Prima

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The Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima espresso machine is celebrated for its robust yet efficient performance, which makes it suitable for both home and small commercial settings. It features a unique New Engine Optimisation (NEO) technology, enhancing its efficiency by heating the water right before it enters the group head, which conserves energy and reduces utility bills.

This machine includes an auto-purge function that cleans the group head automatically after each use, maintaining cleanliness and ensuring the consistency of espresso shots. The insulation of the boiler ensures temperature stability, which is crucial for the perfect espresso taste.

Its design is compact, which conserves space without compromising on technology or convenience. Despite its small size, it has a powerful steaming capability and a cool-touch steam wand that prevents burns and is easier to clean because milk doesn’t cake on. A convenient pressure gauge on the front allows for easy monitoring and adjustments, ensuring the ideal pressure for espresso extraction.

Finally, it's a connected machine that can be controlled through an app, bridging the gap between manual and digital, with customisable volumetric brewing programs and a simple interface that includes a ghost display showing only the essential information during operation.

Combining advanced features and a user-friendly design, the Eagle One Prima reflects Victoria Arduino's commitment to quality and innovation in espresso machines​ (Majesty Coffee School)​​ (Prima Coffee)​​ (COFFEE TECH - Specialty Coffee Roasters)​​ (Alternative Brewing)​.

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