Welcome to Percup Coffee, where passion meets convenience in the pursuit of the perfect cup. At Percup, we believe that exceptional coffee should be accessible to everyone, right in the comfort of your home. Our mission is simple: to provide you with freshly roasted coffee beans and a curated selection of brewing equipment and machines, all delivered to your doorstep.


The idea for Percup Coffee came from the shared dream of two university friends, Harry and Ed. As students, we found ourselves fueled by a common passion – coffee. However, our pursuit of the perfect brew was often hindered by the lack of quality coffee shops in our local area. We’d have to travel on a 30 minute bus route, just to grab a cuppa from our favourite café. Moreover, we’d end up spending £2 on the bus, and £3 on the coffee, that’s £5 per cup!


Determined to make the cost per cup as cheap as possible, whilst maintaining the depth and complexity of flavour cafes achieve, Percup Coffee was born. Our dream was to create a platform that not only offered the finest coffee but also made the entire brewing experience effortlessly accessible. We both love making coffee as it can be such an enjoyable experience. We want our customers to be able to feel the same and do it with as much ease as possible.


To enhance your convenience, Percup Coffee offers a subscription service, ensuring a steady supply of freshly roasted beans delivered right to your door. No more searching for the perfect coffee or hunting down the right equipment – we bring it all to you.

Welcome to Percup – where great coffee meets you at home.