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Sage Barista Touch Espresso Machine

Sage Barista Touch Espresso Machine

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The Sage Barista Express Impress Espresso Machine enhances the coffee brewing experience at home by combining convenience with quality. It's celebrated for its impressive puck system, designed to reduce mess and ensure precise dosing and tamping, thus achieving the perfect dose every time. This system is part of what makes it possible to create third wave specialty coffee at home swiftly, promising a bean to espresso journey in less than a minute.

This machine boasts an integrated conical burr grinder with 25 grind settings, ensuring the perfect grind size for your coffee beans. The assisted tamping delivers a constant 10kg pressure to your dose, finishing it with a precise twist for a polished puck, enhancing the overall quality of the espresso shot​.

The Barista Express Impress also features a low-pressure pre-infusion followed by a 9 bar extraction process, a method that gently expands the coffee grounds before applying full pressure, resulting in a smoother and more flavourful espresso. The Thermocoil heating system, paired with PID temperature control, ensures the water is delivered at the optimal temperature for espresso extraction.

For those who enjoy milk-based coffee drinks, the machine comes equipped with a powerful steam wand, capable of turning milk into smooth microfoam, perfect for creating latte art. It also includes a range of accessories to get you started, such as a 54mm stainless steel portafilter, single and dual wall filter baskets, a 480ml stainless steel milk jug, and a precise trimming tool among others.

In terms of convenience and user-friendliness, the Barista Express Impress stands out with its easy step-by-step 3D interactive setup, supported by BILT® Intelligent Instructions, making it simpler for users to start making high-quality coffee right away​.

The Sage Barista Touch Impress, as reviewed on Coffee Blog, offers an intuitive and quick workflow that rivals the convenience of bean to cup machines, with a touch screen for easy selection of drinks and settings. This model boasts features like a 38mm conical burr grinder, 30 grind settings, and a 2L water tank, emphasising ease of use without sacrificing the quality of the coffee produced​.

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