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Percup Coffee

Nicaragua El Buey Single Origin

Nicaragua El Buey Single Origin

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What to Expect


  • Crisp and clean aroma
  • Notes of macadamia nuts and subtle chocolate undertones


  • Balanced and well-rounded body, featuring a clean cup profile typical of Central American beans
  • Woody sweetness complements the overall flavour
  • Roasted at light to medium levels to highlight its well-rounded acidity


  • Finish is clean and bright, leaving a lasting impression of balanced acidity
  • Subtle tones of chocolate and macadamia add depth to the finish

This Nicaraguan offering is an exceptionally pleasant, easy-drinking coffee. Its well-rounded cup showcases flavours of macadamia nuts, chocolate, and a touch of woody sweetness. The finish is clean and bright, underpinned by a balanced acidity. Ideal for those who enjoy a balanced and versatile cup.

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