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Hario V60 Coffee Filter Papers - White (100 Wrapped)

Hario V60 Coffee Filter Papers - White (100 Wrapped)

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The Hario V60 Coffee Filter Papers in white are specifically designed to complement the Hario V60 dripper. They are known for producing a clear and clean cup of coffee, free from any papery taste. This is due to their high quality and a very responsive flow rate that gives you control over your brewing time.

The filters are sold in packs of 100, offering convenience and ensuring you have a substantial supply for your pour-over needs. They are disposable, adding to the ease of use for daily brewing routines. To get the best taste from these filters, it's recommended to rinse them with boiling water before use, which also helps the coffee filter through more easily.

These filters are made in Holland, Netherlands, and are said to be an essential item for any brewer using the V60 method. It's noted that apart from the quality of the papers themselves, rinsing the filter before use and experimenting with recipes can enhance your coffee experience.

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