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Hario Clear Hand Coffee Grinder

Hario Clear Hand Coffee Grinder

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The Hario Clear Hand Coffee Grinder, particularly the Skerton Plus model, is known for its durable construction and efficient grinding. It's equipped with ceramic conical burrs that are favoured for their precision and consistency, and they don't impart any metallic odours or rust over time. This hand grinder is suitable for various brewing methods, from French press to moka pot.

It's designed for portability and ease of use, with a lightweight plastic body that's durable and available in transparent and black transparent colours. This gives a unique visual of the grinding process. The grinder can hold up to 100g of coffee, making it suitable for personal use or small gatherings.

For maintenance, the Hario Smart G is user-friendly and can be disassembled for cleaning to ensure no residual grounds or oils build up.

The Skerton Plus also includes a burr stabilising plate to help keep the centre shaft in place, which contributes to a more uniform grind. With its capacity to hold a significant amount of coffee grounds, it's a solid choice for those who want to enjoy freshly ground coffee.

The glass bowl of the Skerton Plus is heatproof and is made in Japan, while other components are made in China. The grinder's materials include a mix of stainless steel, silicone rubber, and polypropylene for the main body.

These features come together to offer a hand grinder that's both practical for daily use and durable enough for the long term. It's a good investment for coffee lovers who value the taste of freshly ground coffee beans​.

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