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Hario Cafe Press

Hario Cafe Press

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The Hario Cafe Press U is a versatile and stylish French press perfect for brewing both coffee and tea. Available in 300ml and 600ml sizes, it's designed with the practicality and elegance that Hario is known for. This press is made with Hario's heatproof glass, which ensures durability and safe brewing. The metal mesh filter is designed to allow for a rich, full-bodied brew, as it lets small coffee particles pass through, enhancing the depth of flavor.

For those who appreciate aesthetics, there's the Hario Cafe Press with olive wood, offering a more artisanal look with a handle and lid made from this beautiful wood. It maintains the same functionality and quality with its heatproof borosilicate glass body and stainless steel filter-shaft.

Notably, all these products reflect Hario's commitment to quality and user-friendly design, making them suitable for both home enthusiasts and professional settings. They offer the ability to brew flavorful coffee or tea, emphasizing the art and science of brewing. With their heat retention properties and stylish designs, these presses can be a statement piece in any kitchen or coffee shop.

For a more in-depth look, purchasing options, and to find the right size for your needs, visit the Hario USA website for the Cafe Press U, or Hario UK for the olive wood version​.

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