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Felicita Incline Scale

Felicita Incline Scale

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The Felicita Incline Coffee Scale is designed to cater to both high-volume bar service and precision coffee brewing. It's suitable for use as an espresso scale or for pour-over methods, fitting snugly on an espresso machine's drip tray or your brew bar. This scale features a water-resistant design and offers functionalities like auto-tare and auto-timer modes, which simplify and enhance the brewing process.

It boasts a maximum capacity of 2000g, accurate to 0.1g increments, ensuring precise measurements for your coffee brewing. The scale is equipped with an 8-digit LED display, enhancing visibility and ease of use. Connectivity is also a highlight, with Bluetooth pairing available via the Felicita Coffee App, allowing you to track and log your brewing parameters, which is handy for those who like to keep records of their coffee-making processes.

For convenience, it includes a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, ensuring long-term use without the constant need for battery replacement. The scale also comes with a micro USB cable, a 100g calibration weight for accuracy checks, and a heat-resistant pad to protect your surfaces from heat damage during brewing.

The Felicita Incline Coffee Scale stands out for its rapid response time, making it a reliable tool for achieving consistent brewing results. Its compact dimensions (approximately 13cm x 16cm x 2.6cm) and the included heat-resistant pad add to its appeal, making it a practical addition to any coffee brewing setup​ (Alternative Brewing)​​ (Colonna)​​ (Opal)​​ (Rounton Coffee)​​ (You Barista)​​ (Seven Districts Coffee)​​ (Cape Coffee Beans)

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