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OPAL One Coffee Pod Machine

OPAL One Coffee Pod Machine

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The OPAL One Coffee Pod Machine is designed with a focus on delivering the full potential of specialty coffee through a pod system. It's celebrated as the first machine of its kind to brew specialty coffee pods effectively, aiming to produce a richer and fuller-bodied coffee compared to standard pod machines. The machine achieves this through a combination of higher pressure and higher temperature brewing, along with a unique silicon brew chamber that eliminates unwanted dilution often found in other pod machines.

One of the standout features of the OPAL One is its compatibility with a wide range of capsules, including non-Nespresso ones, which has historically been a challenge for pod coffee machines. This opens up a world of flavours from specialty coffee roasters for users to enjoy. Additionally, the machine offers customisable settings, allowing users to adjust brewing temperatures and shot sizes. This feature is especially beneficial for those who enjoy specialty coffees and lighter roasts, as it enables the extraction of the complex flavor profiles characteristic of these coffees.

The OPAL One also boasts a practical 800ml water tank, which is comparatively large for its compact size. This not only allows for extended brewing sessions but also makes for easy refilling and cleaning. Its design has garnered positive feedback for both its performance in making flavourful shots of espresso and its handling of specialty pods from smaller roasters. Developed in collaboration with 3x UK Barista Champion Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, the machine combines technological innovation with coffee industry expertise.

For those passionate about the quality of their coffee and looking for the convenience of a pod machine, the OPAL One offers a unique solution by bridging the gap between specialty coffee flavours and pod machine convenience​.

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